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Let me (and 150 years of history) set the record straight about growing wealth:
  • ​Traditional financial advisors are unnecessary.
  • ​Banks, lending institutions, and crooked companies aren’t the best option for storing and securing your money.
  • ​Your money can grow and be utilized in multiple ways, simultaneously.
  • ​The market doesn’t have to dictate how your money grows. 
  • Guaranteed returns actually do exist.
  • ​Social Security is essentially insolvent, and it’s far from your best bet for retirement. 
  • ​Market conditions don’t have to dictate your quality of life in retirement.
  • ​Another market crash doesn’t have to take an enormous chunk of your hard-earned money down with it.
  • ​Contribution caps and penalties for using your own money are ridiculous - and avoidable.
  • ​You don’t have to defer your life now in order to plan for a comfortable retirement. 
  • ​Risking your savings, investments, and liquidity is not required to improve your current spending power and quality of life. Nor is consumer credit.
  • There’s a much smarter way to manage, invest, and grow your money than Wall Street and traditional retirement vehicles.
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